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This page contains reviews and updates from owners who have bought puppies from us. If you have bought a puppy from us, please feel free to write us with updates and pictures, we love to recieve them. When we recieve your updates, we will post them on this page. Thank you!

From The Richardsons
Bought "Noah" out of Oreo x Shorty 2008

We can not say enough about our beautiful cocker.  I have attached his picture for you.  He is a great dog.  We take him with us were ever we go.  He loves to travel.  We also both work and he stays in our home all by himself all day without mess or tearing anything up, from 6:30 to 4pm.    I do have to admitt, we had to get a little training ourselves from the Dog Whisper! 
      His name is Jethro Enoc Gibbs, and he weights 38 lbs.  He is a big boy!!!   Healthy and beautiful.    We don't know anyone right now that is interested, but if we ever do, we will certainly direct them your way.  We could not be happier with our puppy.

From The Wornalls
Bought "Buckwheat" out of Buffy x Bear 2010

I was looking on your site & saw the new puppies. They are precious!

I thought I would send you recent pictures of our Luke. The top pic is "dead Luke" after a long walk-he was tired! The bottom pic is cute because I caught him with his little tongue sticking out! He does that often!

Hope you all had a great summer!

From the Clarkes
Bought "Spanky" out of Buffy x Bear 2010

 spanky and santa.jpg 

Merry Christmas, I am doing Great.. Waiting for Santa to come

From the Callanders
Bought "Darla" out of Buffy x Bear 2010

Oh, Diana, she is the most precious girl.  We fell in love on the way home, she slept on one arm, and I drove with the other. She was an hour early , they must have moved her up a flight.  She was there at the cargo dept. as I walked in. 
    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your joyous babies with us.  She is asleep in the chair curled up to my Dad.  He's hooked already.
She has a vet appointment tomorrow .
    Take care of yourselves and have a Happy New Year.
Thanks to you we will too.

From the Donlavages
Bought "Mary Ann" out of Buffy x Bear 2010

I am sending this message from my work, so you wont recognize the sender address.  I wanted to send you some pictures of the puppy which Leah renamed Belle.  We are loving her to death!   My family came over for Xmas and she was the center of attention.  She is coming along nicely with her crate training, but she definitely did not like it at first.  I put my pajama top in the crate with her, so maybe that made her feel less isolated.  Leah is home from school this week, so she is getting used to all that is involved with puppy care.  Belle is doing really well with housebreaking, too.  She has had very few accidents indoors and is learning to go to the door when she needs to go out.  Shes a genius with personality plus.   The cats are getting used to her.  Sometimes I have Belle on one side of my lap and a cat on the other.  Belle wants to play with Buzzy, but he runs off.  Belle doesnt bark at the cats just wants to play with them.  She prefers the canned cat food to her own dog food, so Ive had to move the cat dishes to another room.  
Just wanted to let you know that the puppy is adjusting well and bonding with the family.  She is a joy!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I especially like the one where her paw is lifted in a hi! position.

From The Meyers
Bought "Claire" out of Mattie x Tomechi 2010

We are all doing fine considering we're snowed in.  We received about 17 feet of snow last night.  I'm pretty sure your guys had the bad storm too. Hope all well with you. Our puppy is wonderful!!  We named her "Madison".  She's doing great and seems to be getting bigger every day. She's eating well and going potty outside except for an occasional accident.  She follows our other cocker out to do her business.  Madison has become very attached to our "Olivia".  They sleep together every night and Madison never cries. They eat together and play alot.  I've attached a couple photos and will continue to keep you both up to date. Thank you again, we love our new little girl.

From The Earlys
Bought "Elly" out of Mattie x Tomechi 2010


Here is Missy already a little over a year old. It is hard to believe how quickly time goes by...

Merry Christmas

From The Gardners
Bought "Emma" out of Mattie x Tomechi 2010

Bella is ready to trick or treat, Happy Halloween!

From Dennis
Bought "Jane" out of Buffy x Bear 2010

Ebony is still full of energy and keeps me on my toes.

I gave her a hair cut Saturday. We have had a lot of snow and

Her skirt would be full of snow when she got through playing.

She is a joy. Still a lot of puppy in her. Time does fly.

She still is great at jumping, chasing rabbits in my back yard and

She loves to tease my both of my neighbors dogs when we walk past their


Thanks for raising these little rascals!

From Jamie & Faye
Bought "Jackson" out of Mattie x Tomechi 2010





elwood cut2

It is great to hear from you!  Elwood is absolutly wonderful! He is now officially Elwood J. Wade and has his AKC papers. He just finished his shots and got a 2 thumbs up from our Vet.  I don't go a day without being grateful for finding him! He is huge... 27lbs. We just had him cut and I am attaching several pics of him growing up. He is so special and he is a joy in our lives and as much as Jamie loved his sweet Sissy, I think Elwood has been the perfect cure for him! He still misses her but Elwood has totally captured his heart as he has mine. Also attached is a pic of Elwood's mate, her name is Coco Puff and they get along fabulously! She is about 3 months younger and is going to be smaller but we are hoping for some beautiful puppies when the time comes.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.... he is truely a champion to us!

From The Shillings
Bought "Belle" out of Mattie x Tomechi 2010


Hi there! Sorry I havent been in touch, I usually think " I need to send you an email" as I am nodding off to sleep!

Bella is doing great! She is about 20 pounds now and so full of energy. She has got quite a personality and is quite a love bug! Each night when we are winding down she chews on a raw hide or bully stick, but the quirk with her is she must be on the couch either sprawled over my lap or curled up to my side.  She definatley likes to be in the thick of things!

The cats tolerate her, my persian Bentley is actually the most tolerant. He will actually play with her, we will see Bella hot on his tail then the next thing you know Bentley is hot on her tail! Poor Bentley though, Bella loves to grab on to his tail and not let go. Hard not to laugh when trying to stop her!!  She does really good in the car. The day we got her from you she sat/slept on my lap the entire way back to Bellevue. As she has gotten older, my lap is still her favorite place to ride!

She loves to have her head out the window and bite at the blowing air. The first time she did this I cant tell you how hard I laughed!!

She has brought so much joy to our life, she is my lil' girl.  I love when I get home at night how excited she is to see me, her lil' tail waggin 100 mph and just has to be loved on!! After that she is off and running again! LOL

It's funny how we have only had her for 6 months but it seems like forever. I cant imagine life without her. 

We got her fixed about a month ago, hasnt slowed her down one bit!!

Her eyelashes are really long, when I take to get her groomed I tell them to leave her pretty eyelashes alone!!


I am attatching some pics of her, the one with the taupe bed and blue blanket is the day we brought her home!!!

I will try to keep you updated on how she is doing!!

Thank you again for such an awesome addition to our family!!

From The Butlers
Bought "Linus" out of Mattie x Tucker 2011

I just wanted to write and say how much of a joy Linus is to us! Hes such a sweet little guy and is a very fast learner! He loves to lay on his bed and play with his favorite toy which is a stuffed dragon. He enjoys our three daily walks and loves to meet new people and pets. Hes grown so much even since we got him that its just amazing. Thank you again for our adorable and sweet little Linus!


From Debra
Bought "Kate" out of Mattie x Tomechi 2010

hope all as well with you and your family.

Cheyenne and me live in South Fork Colorado for the last 6 months, love it here'
Before we left Florida we stayed in California with my friend in San Diego for 3 months till this place was ready. On the weekends Cheyenne goes with me to the drive-in movies and we spend the night at RV park in the spring and summer when it's warmer. She's my movie buddy.

Cheyenne had her homemade cake to look at last night made by me.
We went to the park today to take a few pictures. She has lots of her winter
coat on but Friday I'm having the groomer take the hair off her face and neck
just so I can see her. I also enclosed 1 baby pic of her for you to view as well.

From The Schmitts
Bought "Snoopy" out of Mattie x Tucker 2011

I thought you would like to see some more recent pictures of Oscar and Tanner. We took these pictures at Christmas time. I hope you enjoy them. We love them both to death. Lori recently made pjs for Tanner. He gets cold at night.

From The Baileys
Bought "Sarah" out of Tomechi x Annie 2011 and "Zuzu" out of Tucker x Mattie 2012


 we really love our little stella very friendly and affectionate but takes no crap from anybody.

From The Manigats
Bought "Star" out of Tomechi x Annie 2011

Thank you so much for checking in.  To start off, I want to say how blessed we are to have Amber Star be part of our family.  She is such a joy to be around.  She has adjusted quite well and is growing.  We added Amber to her name.  She is potty training well, moving her bowels every 2-3 hours throughout the day.  I took her to get her shot and the vet was amazed with all the shots she took before coming to us.  You did a great job starting the initial potty training process. You gave great advice to my brother and I on Star and Billy and we took your advices to heart.  I think it is why I am successful at potty training her.  We have been asked several times about where we got Star, if you don't mind in the future for me to refer new candidates to your site for future breeders.

From The Finkes
Bought "Charlie" out of Annie x Tomechi 2011

Tollie aka Charlie is doing wonderful! He is potty trained and know a few commands.Pretty smart little fellow! He'll do anything for a treat.... The vet and the groomer say he's quite the "looker". He was able to be groomed last week since he's had his series of big shots.Man I wish I had his eyelashes! He's a spoiled baby and we love him dearly! Thank you for raising such beautiful cocker babies!

From The Ryans
Bought "Emily" out of Annie x Tomechi 2011

I thought you might like to see some updated pictures of Emily whom we call Izzy. She is doing great and I have sent her registration papers off.

From the Browns
Bought "Sondra" out of Buffy x Tucker 2012

I thought I'd send you a picture of Sondra (we re-named her Sadie).  She is getting so big and she is just beautiful!

We love her very much and she is happy and right at home. Thanks so much, she truly is a joy!

From The Girdleys
Bought "Rudy" out of Buffy x Tucker 2012


Here is the most recent picture of ivy. She is very aunry and silly. We really enjoy her. Just thought you would like to see how she has grown.

From The Ellis'
Bought "Janie" out of Tucker x Mattie 2012

Just wanted you to know Emma is adjusting well and is spoiled rotten. Everyone is bringing her toys and chews. We love her dearly. Thank you so much.

From The Whitleys
Bought "Mary" out of Tomechi x Annie 2013

Wanted to thank you very an easy transition,After looking at many breeders,many didn't feel right,and left us VERY uneasy about buying from them, after seeing a pic of puppies from D l cockers,we had a good feeling about so we got "mary" from them,such a sweet puppy,knowing she was loved by them,filled us with peace.If we ever add another cocker,we would love to work with them again.Thanks,jenny whitley-north carolina

From The Williams'
Bought "Tommy" out of Mattie x Tucker 2012




We Just Love Him So Much!